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What Is Long Distance Rideshare? Is It Worth It?

We all agree that the best thing about Uber is its convenience and we often wish traveling a longer distance could be the same experience. Imagine being able to take a rideshare long distance where you are able to just hop in a car and travel out of town without all the hassles of other […]

Earn Extra Cash with Your Home…or Car

Are you behind paying your rent again? Are you worried that your bills may not be paid this month? It seems like whatever you do, you can’t seem to catch-up or get ahead. Sure, you have a full-time job and “Uber” on your way back home. But, it’s still not enough. If you could only […]

Why Run a Background Check on Your Roommate?

You’ve come across a potential roommate and excited about the idea of saving hundreds of dollars a month. Possibly make a new friend even. Stop. Get your head out of the fairy tale fog and find out who your future roomie really is. The application looks legit, too perfect to say the least. You may […]

Get Your Flaky Friends to Commit on a Vacation

You’re so ready for that next adventure. You’ve been working so hard and deserve a much-needed break in your life, like Pronto! It’s time to have some fun and unforgettable memories with your friends! Your only slight problem is how to get Flaky Fred fully on board. You know, that one friend who gets really […]

5 Signs It’s a Rental Scam and How to Avoid Them

The online photos were incredible, the landlord couldn’t have been nicer and the price was too good to be true. You put down a deposit right away because, in this market, you need to act fast. In reality, the place is a dump that looks nothing like the photos. The landlord who has been great […]

Your Landlord Can Affect Your Credit Score

Landlord Can Affect Your Credit

Don’t you miss those days when all your landlord could do is to toss your precious belongings out of your apartment, lock you out or turn off your utilities when you skip paying your rent…for several months? As time goes by, and as technology improves, their ways of evicting unruly tenants become sophisticated, too. From […]