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The Cold Hard Truth About Driving for UBER

Deciding to drive for Uber Generally, I will always have a side gig to help me fund my love for traveling. I enjoy driving and meeting new people. I thought Uber would be a great way to earn some flexible extra income. During Christmas 2016, I signed up to earn some extra money. After each […]

How to Get Rid of a Bad Roommate

You’re tired of your roomie’s piles of dishes that are constantly in the sink. You’ve had it up to here with the epic mess your roommate leaves for you to clean up everyday. Maybe it’s worse…maybe you don’t leave your room for fear of accidentally running across the weirdo you’re living with. How about you’re […]

5 Things You Need to Do to Live Car Free

It seems like the latest lifestyle trends all seem to center around a few common themes: frugality, health, and conservation. People are moving into smaller houses to save money, taking more walks, and driving more fuel-efficient vehicles…or driving no vehicles at all. Strange as it sounds, getting around without a car is becoming more popular, […]

6 Steps to Keep You Safe When Renting a Room

Let’s be honest. Are you really being as safe as you can when selecting your roommates? Sometimes we get in such a rush that we don’t take the time to go through the necessary steps to ensure we’re being as smart and safe as possible.  Make sure you’re taking the same advice you would offer […]

Spend Less Money on Everyday Purchases and Get Free Stuff

If you’re a traveler, you’re probably a thrifty person by nature. Plane tickets, gas money, and seats at faraway concerts still cost money, and every penny counts. Solving your income issues is usually just an accounting problem though, and mostly a matter of balancing inflows and outflows. While there are dozens of ways to increase […]

The Modern Hobo Wears a Necktie

Here’s a question I bet you never thought you’d be asked: do you know the difference between a hobo, a bum, and a tramp? The truth is, back then, it depends on how you make your living. A bum is someone who doesn’t work at all. A tramp is someone who only works when they […]