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Cheapest Ways to Travel With Your Pet

Cheapest Ways to Travel With Your Pet

How to Travel with Your Pets for Cheap


You’re ready to embark on a vacation, and there’s no way you’re leaving your best friend Sparkles at home. So, how can you take them along with you for a price that will not cut into your travel fund? We’ve done some price comparison work on different travel options out there so you can save the most amount of money possible. 


AIR TRAVEL: These one-way fees plus the price of the airfare will easily cost you over $500. 


AirlineCabinBaggage Compartment
Air Canada$50 – $59$105 – $120
Alaska $100$100
Allegiant $100Not permitted
American $125$200
Delta $125Call for pricing
Frontier$75Not permitted
Jet Blue $125Not permitted
Southwest $95Not permitted
Spirit $110Not permitted
United $125Not Permitted 

RAIL TRAVEL: Although there are other long distance or regional commuter trains, AMTRAK is still the main provider of intercity passenger rail service. The ticket costs are often more expensive than an airline ticket. To travel with your pet, they must be 20 lbs or less and remain in a carrier if they are 19″ long x 14″ wide x 10.5″ high. 


Train Price                 Weight                  

up to 20LB

BUS TRAVEL: Taking the bus is the second cheapest way to travel. Unfortunately, the most popular bus lines do not allow pets unless they’re a registered service animal. 



Type of Animal


      service animals only


    service animals only

PET TRANSPORT SERVICE: The list of companies that offer pet transportation by air or ground are pretty endless. The high service cost is partly due to the continuous service they have to provide to care for your pet during travel. Below are the most popular pet transport companies and their fees.

Pet Transporter






$120 – $250

$270 – $500

Within 300 miles

Longer distances

Happy Trails Travel


$250 + Mileage/Time

Domestic by air

Domestic by ground

RIDESHARES: If you’re on a budget, the best way to travel with a pet is through long distance rideshares because it’s affordable and convenient. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have your pet nearby and have the peace of mind knowing that they’re ok throughout the trip? Haydash thought it’s awesome, too! That’s why Haydash does a preliminary background check on top of your pet human’s spidey sense (social media stalking, video chat, and personal meeting) to make you and your pet’s rideshare experience more enjoyable. 

What is Rideshare? If you’re not familiar with the concept of the traditional sense of ridesharing, it is generally two people (one driver and one rider) sharing a car and splitting the cost of travel (gas, tolls, etc.) and most of the connections were made as strangers. Our Ultimate Guide to Long-Distance Ridesharing” blog talks about it more in great details. 

Long-Distance Rideshare

$0 pet fees


That’s right! There is a way to travel with your pet without paying any pet fees. Members offer pet- friendly long-distance rideshares across the US.

Haydash was created to give you a better choice to traditional long-distance rideshare services so you won’t have to worry about risky offers or unwanted solicitations. With pre-screening of members, you can have peace of mind knowing Haydash members have a common purpose in providing a trusting community focused on saving money for transportation.

New to ridesharing? Check outWhat Is Long Distance Rideshare? Is It Worth It? to learn all about ridesharing and see how we compared different transportation options to help you find the cheapest way to travel in the US.

Earning and saving extra money 

The days of splitting the cost of gas when sharing your ride are over. Traditionally, if you take a ride with someone, it’s a known rule that you will split the cost. Get compensated for offering a clean, safe, and door to door service. Set your own fair price per seat the next time you go out of town and turn those empty seats into cash. Fill just two seats and your ride could be free. 

Keeping Your Pet Safe When You’re on the Road

You’re all packed for your road trip. You didn’t forget Fido and Mimi’s leashes this time. But are you sure that’s all you need? We thought beyond the pet food, snacks, and toys. We created a separate checklist for their safety.



  • AA Pet Protection Coverage
  • Geico Pet Insurance

Pet-Friendly Lodgings

Thinking about where you and your pet baby can hit the hay? There are many places where you can enjoy great accommodations for your pet. There are also some non-conventional place if you’re up for an adventure. Here are a few…




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