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Earn Extra Cash with Your Home…or Car

Earn Extra Cash with Your Home…or Car

Earn Extra Cash with Your Home…or Car

Are you behind paying your rent again? Are you worried that your bills may not be paid this month? It seems like whatever you do, you can’t seem to catch up or get ahead. Sure, you have a full-time job and “Uber” on your way back home. But, it’s still not enough. If you could only clone yourself, right? So, what else can you do to supplement your income? Why not earn extra cash with your home? You won’t need to get another job or sacrifice sleep. You can have more money without adding stress in your life. Here’s how.

Rent out your spare bedroom

We get it. Nobody wants to have a roommate but sometimes having extra money to do the things you love or freedom of not living paycheck to paycheck is well worth it. The idea of renting a room to a stranger can also be terrifying when it comes to safety so it’s’ crucial to find a website that offers some safety features when posting your room for rent ad. Here are the top sites that focus on safety.

Haydash – is changing the game. It’s a new website that requires all of their members to go through a criminal background check before you can post a room for rent or connect with a potential roommate. Imagine knowing that everyone you communicate with on the website has already completed one valuable part of your vetting process.

Roomiapp – has some options for verifying your identity through a text message verification and a few options for connecting through your social media accounts. They also offer members the option to complete a background check to obtain a badge on their profile to show they were approved. Since it is optional, the majority of the members have not completed a check.

Roomster is similar to Roomiapp as they allow you to connect your social media account to your profile and they offer optional credit checks and optional background checks.


Tips when renting a room

  1. Offer a short-term rental with an option to renew – you will never truly know someone until you live with them so give them a test run. Write up a 4-5 month rental agreement. If after that time frame you feel that you’re a great match then offer them a long-term agreement option.
  2. Offer a furnished room – when you offer an unfurnished room for rent then your roommate will be showing up with a Uhaul truck taking over a lot of your space. Invest in a good bed and some bedroom furniture. This way, your roommate doesn’t have to sleep on a blow-up mattress. Also, If they opt for the short-term rental option then it will be a smoother transition between roommates.

Rent out your car on the weekends

  • Hyrecar (free to list) – is a car-sharing platform between drivers and owners. Drivers can use members vehicles to drive for Uber, Lyft, or any other rideshare services like Postmates and Doordash.
  • Turo (free to list) – will dynamically set your car’s rental price based on market value, location, time of year, and other data sets to maximize your income and boost your listing’s competitiveness. If you prefer, you can manually set your own daily price.
  • Getaround – is an online car sharing or peer-to-peer carsharing service that allows drivers to rent cars from private car owners, and owners to rent out their cars for payment.


If you love going out of town…

  • Haydash – a long-distance rideshare service. Complete criminal background checks on all of its members. You set your own price.

Rent out your storage space

  • (free to list) – You can rent out your empty unused space for monthly income. They are the Airbnb of storage. Users can add a personal bio, profile photo, space ratings and reviews also demonstrate high-quality hosts and listings and incentivize hosts to provide a top-notch storage experience for renters.
  • Storeatmyhouse (free to list and $35 fee to have your listing featured) – You save money, make money, rent peer-to-peer storage. They connect you with hosts who have storage at a fraction of the price.

Rent out your driveway  

  • Pavemint App – Pavemint connects people looking for parking with people who have parking to share. If their app, you can list space in minutes and reserve one even faster.
  • Parkeasier – Use their SPOT app to utilize their predictive searching, a satellite view of your parking space, built-in dynamic suggested pricing, explicit parking time restrictions, and your customize parking instructions and disclaimers.

Rent your house or backyard  for film productions

  • LocationsHub – is your house ready for a close-up? You can earn between $1000-$5000 per day by renting it out for commercials or movies. List your place at and you may even get a bigger pay-out depending on your zip code.  


There are still many ways to earn or save money to help pay the rent or other big expenses. Just be creative and open your mind to some new or alternative ways to do it. And of course, always think safety first when sharing your private space.

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