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How do you save money on everyday purchase items?

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Question: A dollar here, a dollar there then before you know it, you're paying more than you intend to spend. Help! Tell me, how do you pay less on stuff your every items? 

Here's a few tips to saving on your everyday purchase items

Krazy Coupon Lady (Couponing App) - before you say it's to much of a headache think again. Times of clipping paper coupons are almost long gone. If you're just starting out with this app get started with shopping at Walgreens and CVS. By the time you stack digital coupons, store coupons, Walgreens Register Rewards, Walgreens Cash, and CVS Extra Care bucks you may have even made money on your purchase. Within a week you will realize that you never have to pay for toothpaste, mouthwash, makeup, razors, and surely will not have to spend more than $3.00 on laundry detergent again.

Oil Change - is great for finding great deals with companies including oil changing and automotive service companies. Yes, you've probably been taking your care to the same place for years but it might be a time to shop around if you want to save. You might get lucky and find out the same company is offering a Groupon that you can take advantage of. Don't forget to ask if they will honor your rate going forward without the Groupon. 

Befrugal - we're all aware of the cash back benefit on our credit cards but there are several companies popping up that will offer you cash back on purchases without a credit card. After creating an account it's just as easy as searching the website for the company name and clicking "shop" to allow them to track your purchase and give you cash back. The typical $2-$5 adds up quickly if you shop online often. If you're going to make a big purchase online at Advanced Auto Parts, Hotwire, Lowes, Groupon, etc. it's even more worth taking 60 seconds by going through their website first. 

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