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Avoiding Common Ridesharing Problems

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Question: What are the most common problems you experience when sharing your ride and how do you avoid it?


Here are two common rideshare problems and how to avoid them when searching for drivers and riders. 

The back and forth messages - this can easily be avoided by writing a detailed rideshare post. If you’re the person responding to the post be sure to give them as much information as you can besides “Is this rideshare still available?” If the post is active the recipient will be grateful with such a detailed response. Be sure to include what time you can go, what area of town you want to be picked up from, and where you want to be dropped off once you reach the destination. 

No call no show - it’s very common that rideshare drivers and riders start dropping like flies. Unfortunately, there’s no way to completely avoid this as unexpected incidents happen all the time. If you have found a rideshare make sure you continuously keep each other in the loop. Make sure you message the rider/driver the night before and the morning of to let them know everything is still a go. Make sure you have a plan B. Check out flights and bus ticket prices in advance so you’ll be ready to book the day of if needed. This will highly reduce your stress level on the pick-up day if the unthinkable happens. For additional safety net, find a rider or driver “possible”. If you’re a rider, ask one other driver if you can be their possible.  

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