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Best Questions to Ask Before Sharing Your Rideshare

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Question: What questions do you consider to be critical when prescreening your rideshare candidates and why?


Here are some important questions to ask riders and drivers before you hit the road.

  • Are there any stops that you may need to make along the way aside from gas and bathroom breaks?

It may have slipped the drivers mind to tell you that they are stopping to pick up a package from a friends house along the way. Don't be caught off guard by making sure you're aware of all planned stops in advanced especially if you need to be at the destination by a specific time. 

  • Will there be anyone else sharing the ride with us and are you still looking for other riders to join?

Don't assume the driver will be the only person you will sharing the ride with as you may found out the drive offered the ride to 3 other passengers and now your ride may not be as comfortable as you expected with all the luggage. 

  • Are there any potential problems that could cause you to cancel the trip? 

In some cases, passengers and drivers maybe aware of an issue that could arise causing them to back out last minute. This could be related to family emergency or their job may need them to work. Why not ask just so you're more aware of the odds so you can better prepare in the event you need a plan B. 

  • Are there any known issues with the car that could cause discomfort (broken AC, loud noises, etc.)?

Nothing is worst then hopping in a nice, new, and comfortable care to find out the AC is broken. You will not be able to see all defects in a photo so be sure to ask. 

  • How was your experience with other rideshares?

 This is a very important question as it may help you predict what your experience may be. It will also help you get a glimpse into their personality and level of patience. If the rider or driver mentions all their experiences were a disaster the issue may have been them. Try to figure out how they handled the situation and if you agree with their actions. Was it little things that pushed them to frustration?

  • Do you have roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance can be an additional charge with some insurance companies and also companies like Geico will cancel your service if it's used to often. Make sure the sure the driver is prepared in the event of a flat tire, dead battery, over heating, etc. 

  • Will you need help driving?

Most drivers will not want anyone else to drive their car but don't let it be a surprise if the driver gets tired and asked you to take the wheel. Let them know in advanced if you are willing to help drive or unable to drive. 


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