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What questions do you wish you would have asked your roommate?

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Question: Help others prepare questions that could help them avoid common issues when looking for a good roommate. Often we rush to find a roommate or quickly get caught up in conversation that we forget to ask all the important questions. What do you consider to be the key questions that ask when interviewing a potential new roommate?


Here are a few questions that you may not have thought to ask your potential roommate

Does it bother you if someone else moves your belongings?

Will anyone else have keys to the house?

How much storage space will I have in the kitchen, closets, etc.?

What temperature do you keep the thermostat on?

Have you had any issues with bugs in the house (mice, spiders, ants, roaches, etc.?)

What kind of problems did you experience with previous roommates?

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend that may be coming by the house often? If yes, how many days of the week and will they be contributing towards the bills?

When was the last time you had a roommate?

How often are you at home or out of town?

How budget conscious and frugal are you?


Check out our blog to view and print our full list of questions Roommate Questionnaire and Prescreening Checklist


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