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How did you get rid of your bad roommate?

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You had enough of the dirty dishes left in the sink for days, loud gatherings every night, and late rental payments. This dude gots to go. 

Sometimes things just don't work out between you and your roommate. You can blame it on incompatibility or just lack of courtesy. Either way, you know you have to go your separate ways. But sometimes things are not as easy as saying "Adios, amigos." For a messy "break-up," you can try one of these:

1. Get them off the hook of the rental agreement. If your roommate has a few more months on the lease, then this is the perfect time to offer this incentive.

2. Offer to pay the remainder part of your roommate's rent so they can go or pay the rest of your rent so you can leave.

3. Review your roommate agreement and take legal action. Just be warned that this can be a very complicated process and only for an extreme situation.


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