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Pre-Screening Process

Standard & Elite Members must pass the background check to contact members, post rideshare and roomshare ads.

  • 10 – 15 minute background check application
  • 24 – 72 hr turnaround time for membership review 

Once the background check is completed Haydash will immediately begin the verification process. 

Background Check​

To become a Standard or Elite Member, a 10-15 minute background check application will be required upon creating an account. Haydash will provide the membership status by email within 24-72 hours.

Motor Vehicle Report

A Motor Vehicle Report will be reviewed for Elite Members to allow access to offer a ride. If the MVR is denied, Haydash will automatically change the membership to a Standard Membership provided that the background check was approved. Standard Members will have access to take a ride but restricted from offering a ride.

Government ID​ & Profile Photo

Standard and Elite members must provide a valid Government ID such as a Driver's License. For authentication purposes, Haydash will verify the Government photo ID to the profile picture as an additional layer of security.

Complete Your Profile


This is your chance to spruce up your page. Upload your profile photo and tell more about yourself. Remember, first impression last - so put your best foot forward to make your profile pop and let your personality shine. The better the profile the better chance of finding your roommate or rideshare match.

Posting a Room Offered & Room Wanted Ad

To have a successful roomshare ad, every detail counts. Be very specific when describing your space or the space you need to avoid receiving the same inquiries about your ad. An ad with great photos and full details create an attractive page.

  • Amenities – List all the amenities you have or are looking for your new place.
  • Roommates – Let your potential roommate know what you allow in your house, such as pets, guest, smoking, etc.
  • Pictures – Upload several pictures to show the interior and exterior of the house.
  • Tell us more – Share your likes and dislikes or things you’re looking to avoid.

Posting a Ride Offered &
Ride Wanted Ad

It is important to include information that will help the driver or passenger to determine if you’re flexible with your dates, if you’re pet-friendly ride, or favorite type of music. The more candid you are, the better chance you’ll have a more enjoyable journey.
  • Traveling with – Let the rider/driver know if you’re traveling with pets, children, or other passengers.
  • Allow – Let your passengers know in advance if you’re okay with food, pets, children, or smoking.
  • Seats available – Let them know how many people you can fit.
  • Price – Set the price and conditions of payment.

Features, Features, Features!

Private Messaging

Keep your identity private when reaching out to other members. Provide your personal contact information when you're ready.

Instant Alerts​

No need to continuously perform a search for new ads. Set an alert to be notified via email if a member post an ad that matches your needs.

Share Link to Post

Easily share a link to your post and profile when contacting members. Save time when contacting multiple members.

Block & Report Members​

Report and Block members who you deemed inappropriate or does not adhere to the standards of Haydash community.

Smart Post

Riders and drivers traveling within 15 miles of your route will see your rideshare ad in their search results. No need to post multiple ads.


Do you see multiple members that you want to contact? Add your favorite ads to your favorites list for easier and faster accessibility.

Renew Expired Ads

Easily renew or reuse expired ads to save you time. Edit your description or add new photos to your ad.

Ratings & Reviews

Members share their first-hand experience to help other members make an informed decision before sharing their space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Standard & Elite Members
Your first name, last name, SSN, date of birth, driver’s license or government ID, current home address, a profile photo, and a valid email address.

Basic Access Account Users
A free user account for users who wants to test-drive the site. The only information you need to sign-up for this account is your first name, last name, date of birth, and a valid e-mail address.  

The membership fee is to cover the cost of processing members background checks. There are several companies that advertise National Criminal Database searches for $9.99. National database systems are dependent upon getting their data from individual state and county jurisdictions. If an individual state or county does not update its data to the national system on a regular basis, the system may have gaps in its coverage area. Haydash’s third-party verifier not only searches over hundreds of databases, but they perform county level and state level searches. With states charging fees up to $65.00 per state, counties charging fees up to $35.00 per county, and motor vehicle reports up to $27.50 it can get very costly and that’s not including the cost of the other checks that we perform. If an individual was to request the type of check that Haydash offers with another company it would cost around $60-$100.

No. The result of your background check does not include a credit report from any of the credit bureaus. Our background check has no implications on your credit or credit scores.

Everyone can view the website with limited access including users that sign up for a Basic Access accounts. This includes being restricted from posting ads, contacting members, and writing reviews. All Standard and Elite members will be required to complete a background check during the account creation process. Once the background check process is completed and the membership access has been approved, full access will be granted.

Haydash’s vetting process consists of several stages of verification which are put in place to provide you additional security during your search. The first stage is the criminal background check. In order to become a verified member, the applicant must first pass the criminal background check review. We then proceed to match the driver’s license or government ID information to the personal information provided. When all the information is verified, the applicant’s membership is approved or denied. All verified members looking to offer a rideshare must pass a motor vehicle report check. You will still be able to take a ride if you are not approved to be a driver.