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Haydash Blog - How to Make Money Driving on a Long Distance Road Trip

How to Make Money Driving on a Long Distance Road Trip

Peer to Peer Rideshare

Haydash (Share Your Ride)

Uber isn’t the only way to make money through ridesharing. Long distance ridesharing has come along way over the past few years and has changed the way we think of ridesharing. Does the idea of hopping in a car with a stranger sound terrifying? Haydash is working to change your mind and solve this problem. Haydash requires all of their members that offer a ride or take a ride to complete a criminal background check to help reduce potential risk. A Motor Vehicle Report check is also run on drivers to search for serious motor vehicle charges. 

Offer a Ride

Create an account, complete a background check, and post an ad to find a rideshare or take a rideshare.  When you post your ad, Haydash will match you with other riders and drivers that are traveling up to 15 miles along your route. It’s peer to peer ridesharing so you are not signing up as an employee but rather offering a ride with people just like you. You’re the boss, so set your own price per seat and offer as many seats as you desire. Traditionally, if you take a rideshare with someone, it’s a known rule that you will split the cost of gas. Is that really enough? If you’re doing all the driving; putting the wear and tear on your car; then why are they paying the same price as you when you’re providing a service? Why not get compensated for offering a clean and safe service. Is that not much different than an Uber driver?

Here’s a great example of how you can make money.

Trip: Tampa Florida to Atlanta Georgia

Distance: 456 miles

Time: 6 hours and 29 minute

Drive cost: Approximately $66 round trip (with a fuel-efficient car).

If you could find 3 other passengers to come along for the journey you could charge…

Passenger 1 – $22
Passenger 2 – $22
Passenger 3 – $22
Driver pays $0  FREE
Total Cost= $66

Now you get to pocket $66 dollars, therefore, your trip is free! Plus, the rider is still getting a great deal since it’s cheaper than any other form of transportation and they get to relax the entire trip. It’s a win-win for both parties. Do you have a trip coming up? Share your ride or catch a ride on and check out  What Is Long Distance Rideshare? Is It Worth It? to learn more.


Personal Driver (Hired Driver)

Commuting to work

Uber drivers have the option to set two destinations a day and Uber will match them with riders traveling in the same direction. This is great for anyone that has a long commute to or from work that’s over 45 minutes. If you set a destination that’s under 45 minutes, Uber will not notify you of how far the trip is so it could be a 1-minute ride or a 44-minute ride. When you’re about 5 minutes from walking out the door turn on the Uber app to start accepting trips and wait until you see one with the Long Trip (45+min) notification. If you are not lucky enough to find a long ride then you can also take the gamble of taking one trip for a few dollars or turn the app off. Please keep in mind this will hurt your acceptance rate with Uber. Check out their acceptance rate policy to learn more. As a hired driver you will be required to provide a drivers license, background check, and bank account for direct deposits.

Road Trip in state

If you’re heading out of town for a long distance road trip you should also consider turning your app on as Uber allows their drivers to accept rides anywhere within their state.



Package Delivery Driver App (Hired Driver)

If you’re not comfortable driving passengers around then consider being a package delivery driver. Roadie hires drivers to be a package delivery driver for long distance trips (50 miles or more) and they also hire for local deliveries. They connect people who need to have items delivered with drivers that are driving towards that destination. As a hired driver, you will be required to provide a drivers license, background check, and bank account for direct deposits. Drivers are paid 1-2 days after the job is complete. 

You may deliver items that are small or even as large as bicycles and couches. They also offer drivers the option to deliver pets in crates.

Use Your Car as a Billboard

Wrapify (Advertise on vehicles nationwide)


Wrapify drivers can earn extra income by wrapping their cars with an on-vehicle brand advertisement. Sponsored brands range from Fortune 500 household names to up-and-coming startups. You can make hundreds per month with no upfront costs. Start by downloading Wrapify’s app on your phone. Drivers keep track of the length of their commute by using the app and are paid per mile. Based on many factors and your car’s coverage level, you can get paid an average of $450 a month for the length of your contract.

Wrapify offers 3 types of Wrap Coverage Level:

Lite – $196 – $280*

Partial – $196 – $280*

Full – $264 – $452*

*per month approximation

Just imagine how much more money you can make when you combine this gig with long-distance rideshare with Haydash!


Become a Transporter

USHIP (Online Shipment Transportation Marketplace)

Do you have an extra truck space? USHIP can help you turn that space into cash. According to USHIP, you can transport everything from cars to cranes, freight to furniture, and households to horses—whether it’s going local or long distance. It’s free to join and you get paid on delivery. USHIP’s Power Carrier Loyalty program offers great benefits to their highest gross carriers. You can even get discounts on fuel, lodging, insurance, mobile phone service, and more. They also have a USHIP Mobile App where you can find, book, and manage your shipments smoothly and efficiently on-the-go. They also offer a Nearby Shipment Alert for that last minute backhauls.

Haydash Blog - How to Make Money Driving on a Long Distance Road Trip

Going out of town no longer means more money out of your pocket. With today’s technological innovations and genius entrepreneurship, a long-distance road trip can actually be great earning potential. Before packing your bag for a quick getaway or a cross-country trip, don’t forget to try to do some of the things mentioned above to offset your travel expenses. Who doesn’t want to have a few hundred dollars spending money once you reach your destination?

Earn Money

Don't pay full price for gas on your next trip. Set your desired price for seats and start earning money.

Save Money

Travel cheaper and faster then a bus.Whether you need smoke free, pet friendly, or multiple seats we have you covered.

Concerned about safety?

All riders and drivers are pre-screened with background checks for your peace of mind.

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