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Rideshare Questionnaire and Pre-screening Checklist

Top Questions to Ask Before Sharing Your Space

Often we rush to find a rideshare or quickly get caught up in conversation that we forget to ask all the questions we thought of in advance or skip steps in our verification process. Before diving into a call, make sure you have read the rideshare ad in detail at least twice. 


You don't want to invest time getting to know your rideshare partner just to find out there's a conflict with your schedules. As you are finalizing your plans together, you should also be able to see how serious they are about committing to the trip. Did they already make their reservations for their final destination? Did they inform their family that they're coming and get the address in advance? If their plan seems unclear, it maybe best to start to consider a plan B.

  • Are there any stops that you may need to make along the way aside from gas and bathroom breaks?
  • Will you be bringing your food/drinks or stopping along the way?
  • Will anyone else be driving besides yourself?
  • Will there be anyone else sharing the ride with us?
  • Are you currently looking for other riders to join the trip?
  • Are there any potential problems that could cause you to cancel the trip? 


Understanding if someone is new to rideshare or a veteran will give you some insight into how familiar they are with the process and how comfortable they maybe with sharing their space. Please practice patience when the rider or driver is new to the world of rideshare. It will tremendously help reduce tension and help ensure more pleasant journey.

  • Will this be your first time sharing a ride with someone you met online?
  • When was the last time you took rideshare?
  • How was your experience with other rideshares?


Why do you need to get to "know" the person in advance if you're only going to be riding with them for just a few hours? The "meet and greet" part of the verification process is not about becoming best friends before you share your space but knowing enough about each other to make the experience more enjoyable. Even if you don't plan on sharing each other's life stories, getting to know them will help build a level of trust and comfort.

  • How would you describe your personality?
  • What kind of work do you do for a living?
  • How often do you listen to music when you’re driving?
  • Do you get cold or hot easily? At what temperature do you keep the car?
  • Do you generally listen to music while you’re driving? If so, what kind of music do you listen to?
  • Would you mind if I sleep most of the trip?
  • How sensitive are you to smell?

Vehicle & Safety

Let's face it. Not all cars are in perfect condition for long-distance rideshare. It's important to know if any car issues may affect your comfort and safety before taking the journey. Could you imagine finding out the car's air conditioner is broken on a 10-hour trip? A lot of time drivers are so used to the problem that they just simply forget to mention it.

  • Do you have roadside assistance?
  • Will you need help driving?
  • Are there any known issues with the car that could cause discomfort (broken AC, loud noises, etc.)?
  • Do you generally drive over or under the speed limit?
  • Are there any security cameras in the car?


As a driver, you do not want to offer a safe and clean ride for hours to find out that the passenger's phone is dead and will not be able to access the app to send the money. As a rider and driver, make sure you discuss in advance what payment process works for both of you. Determine if you're going to pay half or the full amount upfront.

  • Do you want the money upfront or when we stop for gas?
  • How should I provide the money (cash, mobile app, etc.)?
  • Will the price go down if you find additional riders?

Articles & Tips

Read more articles to stay up on the best money saving tips and ways to find quality long distance rideshares. 

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Be prepared the next time you take or offer rideshare. This checklist will help make sure you ask the right questions and complete all necessary safety steps.

Prescreening & Verification Steps to Ensure Your Safety

Looking for good rideshares takes time. The more time you spend screening riders and drivers the better your chances are of finding someone that you can feel safe and enjoy sharing your space with. You’ve asked all the right questions, but your work isn’t done yet! It’s not only crucial to ask the tough questions but also to verify your rider or driver’s identity and criminal history if possible.

Video Chat & In-Person Meeting

This is the most skipped safety step because it can be time-consuming. Since you pretty much expect that everyone will be on their best behavior during the interview, you will want to have a video chat to try to get a better feel of who the person is when they're in a comfortable environment. It also verifies the identity of the person you meet online will be the same person you’re meeting in person.

Background Check & Motor Vehicle Report

No matter how awesome and trustworthy a person may seem it’s still important to learn as much as you can about them before sharing your space. The Census Bureau states that 29.5 % (249.4 million) of adults have a criminal record so be well-informed.

Drivers License Or Passport

If you choose to use a website that does not require drivers license verification then you should consider requesting a copy to verify the rider or driver’s identity. If you need to contact the rider/driver or if you need to contact the authorities, you know their real name. There is some pretty sensitive information on a drivers license such as the address and date of birth that you should not share. The easy way around it is to grab a Post-It note to cover up the sensitive information before you take a snapshot and send it off. Just make sure that it includes your photo and full name. As we’re all little private investigators nowadays, do a quick Google Search to see if any data worth knowing pops up.

School or Work Email Verification

If you are taking a ride with a student or someone that mentions the company they work for, you can also do email verification for added security. Request that they send you an email from their work or school account.

Bonus tip: ask the rider or driver if they're an active Uber or Lyft driver. Uber and Lyft perform yearly background checks on their drivers. Request a screen shot to verify their status.

Do's and Don'ts


  • Keep your wallet/debit card in your pocket. It may be best to keep some of your valuables on you or in the trunk if possible. Try to put them in a place that is less obvious and harder for anyone to access.
  • Share your location on your mobile device with friends and family.
  • Trust your instincts. If they are hesitant to provide any information or their replies are in one-word sentences without answering your questions, it’s best to consider other candidates that are more serious about taking a trip.
  • Discuss the route and expected stops in advance. This will ensure everyone gets to their destinations at their expected time. It also reduces fear when everything’s going as planned.
  • Meet them outside of the vehicle. Make it a habit to be picked up/dropped off in a well-lit public area such as a storefront. A short greeting even if you met before the pick-up day will make all the difference and give you time to assess the person and car.  


  • Don’t get in the vehicle without meeting the driver face-to-face. Suggest a video chat or public meeting to confirm their identity.
  • Don’t approach the car with your hands in your pockets or in a bag. This can make the driver or rider uneasy and fearful that you might have a weapon. This can be avoided by having your items in your hand(s) before approaching the vehicle.
  • Don’t get picked up or dropped off at your residence. Provide an address of a nearby store or clubhouse.
  • Don’t give your contact information out too soon. Wait until you’ve asked all the important questions to avoid giving your information out to too many candidates. This includes email address, home address, and phone number. Social media has made it easy to use this information to find out where you work, live, and even hang out.
  • Don’t leave the keys in the car when you make stops. Of course, you want the passengers to feel comfortable but it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Rideshare Etiquette

  • Discuss payment arrangements upfront. Pay or collect the money as soon as you get in the car. This way, there are no unexpected stops to the bank, and everyone can relax and enjoy the ride. Avoid making cash payments.
  • Discuss unexpected stops as soon as possible. Fuel up your car, get snacks, stop-by the bank, etc., before you pick up the rider. If you forgot to mention or discuss a stop, be sure to share it with the driver or rider right away. So they can accurately calculate their time of arrival.
  • Have the car serviced and cleaned before offering a ride. Keep in mind that riders evaluate the condition of your car as soon as they sit. Creating a pleasing visual appeal and don’t forget smell can make a big difference when traveling. Clear out the clutter to make sure there’s nothing in their way so they can have a pleasant experience.
  • Never text or try to operate your phone while driving. Everyone’s expecting you to offer a safe ride. Please don’t text while driving. If using a navigation system, ask the rider to update the navigation system, if needed.
  • Ask before eating or drinking. Pay attention to the details of the ad. It will generally state if food and drinks are allowed. Drivers should ask their passengers if they are comfortable with you eating your meals while driving. You can also plan short breaks to eat your meals at the rest area.
  • Throw away your trash when you take pit stops. Don’t wait until the end of your trip to throw away your trash. Everyone will enjoy fewer smells and clutter in small spaces.
  • Keep your hands to yourself. When taking rideshare, we can’t help but feel familiar to the other person due to the stories and laughter we share that we start throwing our hands in the air or high-fiving in agreement which may not be well-received by others. Remember to respect each other’s personal space.
  • Keep everyone updated. Confirm your trip or notify the rider/driver of any change of plans the night before. On the day of the trip, send a text when you’re about 30 minutes away to confirm everything’s still on schedule.

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