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Asking the tough questions

Too often we forget to ask the important and sometimes tough questions before making the commitment to being a roommate. The more information you find out about each other the easier it will be to adjust to one another and know just what to expect. Here’s a list of some important questions that you don’t want to forget to discuss before renting a room or offering a room.

• When was the last time you had a roommate and what bothered you the most about them?

• Would there be any reason someone would need to come in my room?

• Do you spend more time in the living room or your bedroom when you’re home?

• What is your typical schedule each day and on weekends?

• How often do you cook?

• How often do you listen to music when you’re at home?

• Are there any certain days/times that you need the house to be quiet?

• Can you fall asleep with the TV on or with music playing?

• Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend that may be coming by the house often?

• Are you expecting any out of town guest that maybe staying for a certain period of time?

• Do you get cold or hot easily? What temperature do you keep the thermostat on?

• If something is wrong how should we communicate that to each other?

• Do you have any food or pet allergies?

• What are your pet peeves?

• Are you very sensitive to smell?

 Understanding the agreement

• Will I need to pay a deposit?

• Will I need to sign a lease or put anything in writing?

• How much notice do you need before I move out and how should I provide it?

• If rent is late due to an unexpected and uncontrollable incident how much time can you give me before our agreement ends and I need to move out? It’s important to know if your roommate will rush to put you out on the street after a day or would be willing to work out a deal.

• Is eating/drinking allowed in the bedroom?

• How should we split up cleaning the common areas?

• Are there certain items that you want to share or don’t want to share (toilet paper, dish soap, etc.)?

Understanding the property

• Will anyone else have keys to the house?

• How safe is the neighborhood?

• Have you had any issues with bugs in the house (mice, spiders, ants, roaches, etc.)?

• Are there any security cameras within our shared spaces?

• Are there any major broken appliances, devices, or objects that require special instructions to operate?

• Are there any outside noises that could affect my sleep (noisy neighbors, traffic, etc.)?