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Spend Less Money on Everyday Purchases and Get Free Stuff

Spend Less Money on Everyday Purchases and Get Free Stuff

Spend Less Money on Everyday Purchases and Get Free Stuff

If you’re a traveler, you’re probably a thrifty person by nature. Plane tickets, gas money, and seats at faraway concerts still cost money, and every penny counts. Solving your income issues is usually just an accounting problem though, and mostly a matter of balancing inflows and outflows. While there are dozens of ways to increase your inflows (they’re often called “jobs), there’s just as many to decrease your outflows.

We’ll level with you here. We know you’ve seen the TV shows about “extreme couponers” who often pay pennies per item at the cash register, but we promise you, this isn’t like that. These are just simple sites, methods, and apps you can use to ultimately spend less.

The Krazy Coupon Lady can get you free stuff

Okay. We know we just told you we weren’t doing the extreme couponing thing. Seriously, hang in there, because this one works without making everyone at the supermarket look at you funny.

Simply put, this app is a life changer. Everyone’s mailbox constantly receives tons of coupons on an almost daily basis, and that’s before grabbing the Sunday paper. But who feels like taking the time to clip those coupons and figure out which store to use them at?

Here’s an app that does all that tough work for you, called the Krazy Coupon Lady. You’ll be able to compare product prices to see which store will give you the biggest discount, without needing to call around or drive to multiple stores. It also tells you exactly where to find the coupons, whether they’re in newspapers, mailers, or e-coupons.

The app has a lot of other features that make it worth the download, such as telling you how much of an item you need to buy to qualify for a discount. This app is also great for getting most household items for under a buck. Stuff like laundry detergent, toilet paper, dish detergent, deodorant, and all kinds of stuff you need every day, and you pay less than a buck. We found using the app, you’ll pay about 70% less, and that’s not counting what you’ll find in browsing the “freebies” and “moneymaker” sections. You’d be surprised what stores are giving away.

It does require some work and planning to incorporate into your regular shopping trips, but it’s worth saving hundreds of dollars a month to learn how to use.

There are times, though, that you’re in such a hurry you don’t have time to plan your couponing.  That’s where the Flipp app earns an honorable mention. You can perform a search for an item and

it will show you multiple stores sale prices. Trust us, you will wonder why others aren’t using these apps too.

Furnish your whole apartment at no cost thanks to Craiglist, Facebook Marketplace, and a few other useful apps

Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and other classified sites are certainly a great place to find deals, but have you ever looked to see what people are giving away? Plenty of these classified sites have a “free” section where people just want to get rid of a table or want someone to haul off an old couch. Sure, you’re not really likely to score that sectional leather L-sofa you’ve had your eye on, but sometimes the situation calls for a sofa you can just leave at the curb.

Not to discount all the stuff that you do have to pay for. You’d be surprised how comparatively little that bed frame or that couch can be, especially when someone else just needs the room for their new stuff.

Think about all the people who don’t want to pay for movers or renting a truck. Most people just want to get rid of the heavy stuff. Sometimes that means giving it away, or selling it so low they might as well be.

The trick is to find one in the nicer neighborhoods in your area and join their marketplace because it’s likely they’re going to attach a lower value to stuff you’d usually pay more for. Sometimes, they might even pay you to haul it away. All you need is a little time to browse, an email address, and a friend with a truck to haul your bounty home.

Here are some suggestions for apps and websites you can use to furnish a new place with stuff you don’t mind leaving at the curb in 6 months.

The internet has entire communities devoted to getting stuff you'll probably need as cheap as possible

You know how when you fly or visit a fancy resort, you (or someone you probably know) always grab all the tiny single-use toiletries, the small bottles of complimentary booze, or the towels and washcloths out of the bathroom?

Okay…I’ll admit, that last one took it a little far. I’m just a little guilty of it, but maybe that’s not you.

Even so, it won’t surprise you to learn there’s are entire communities devoted to getting stuff as cheap as possible, including. On Reddit, Frugal and Freebies are probably the two biggest places for this kind of discussion. While Frugal tends to be geared more toward money-saving lifestyle tips, there’s plenty of advice in there about finding free stuff or negotiating yourself into some new belongings at no charge.

Freebies is a different animal. Users in that subreddit are usually there to score the little samples that companies often send out to entice users into trying their product. Mouthwash, bike chain lube, picture-hanging hardware…you’d be surprised what companies these days are just giving away. And, like the other entries on this list, you’ll never worry too much about leaving that stuff behind if you get itchy feet and need to relocate.

The caveat is that the samples are just that: samples. While you might get set up for a few weeks with a few trial-size deodorants and some savvy, you’re probably not going to find yourself set up for much longer than that.

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