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Haydash blog - What is Long Distance Rideshare? Is It Worth It?

What Is Long Distance Rideshare? Is It Worth It?

We all agree that the best thing about Uber is its convenience and we often wish traveling a longer distance could be the same experience. Imagine being able to take a rideshare long distance where you are able to just hop in a car and travel out of town without all the hassles of other modes of transportation. As people were introduced to Uber, they were unaware that the traditional long distance ridesharing services have been around for many years long before Uber and Lyft came along and changed the game.

Rideshare then and now

The traditional sense of ridesharing is generally two people (one driver and one rider) sharing a car together and splitting the cost of travel (gas, tolls, etc.) and most of the connections were made as complete strangers. Does that sound terrifying? Well, so did Uber but you don’t think twice about it now.

Let’s think back to the first time your friend explained Uber to you and how the thought of a stranger picking up people up in their own car sounded so risky. As many of your friends continued to rave about their experiences you finally decided to request your first ride.

As the Uber driver pulled up in their own car, you walked around to verify the license plate; matched their face to their profile and held the door open with hesitation as you waited for them to confirm their name before hopping in. Before they arrived all you could imagine was some weirdo picking you up and driving you to the middle of nowhere.

To your surprise, after 5 minutes it felt oddly comfortable and you were probably already telling them your life story. By the 3rd Uber, you hopped in the car by just matching the car type, didn’t bother to verify their name, and probably not even pay close attention to their face.

Still, the idea of hopping in a car with a stranger sounds terrifying to someone that’s never taken traditional rideshare. Back in the day, we were told to “never get in the car with strangers” and “be careful who you meet online.” Fast-forward to today and that’s essentially what we’re doing with Uber.

What is long distance ridesharing and why Uber might not be the best choice

Running around town is easy even without a car, right? Just take an Uber. How about out of town?  That is considered as long-distance travel and may not be as easy to do when you don’t have a car or just flat out don’t feel like driving and dealing with these terrible drivers out on the highways. 

Yes, you can rent a car for a fair price, find cheap airfare through Allegiant and Spirit airlines assuming you can fit your life in a backpack, or take the bus even though you have uttered the words “never again” since your last encounter with a few strange individuals.

With Uber prices being so low, it makes you wonder if you could take that hour drive over to the next biggest city. Well, our curiosity got the best of us, too, so we decided to do the math.

Let’s imagine a route from Tampa Florida to Atlanta Georgia. Uber will charge approx. $1.55 a mile which means the total cost for that Uber ride one-way will be $706!

Time:6 hours and 29 minute

Distance:456 miles

Price: $706

No, thank you! Now that we have ruled out that option, let’s take a look at our other options to figure out what may be the most cost-effective way to travel. Our time is just as valuable as our money so we have to consider both needs.

Choosing to take a rideshare is the cheapest form of travel and still 44% cheaper than taking the bus

(e.g. Tampa to Atlanta / 2 months from departure)

                                                            Rideshare             Rental Car                  Bus                            Plane                        Train

To save on time, taking the plane just sounds ideal but we did not include the 30 minute travel time to the airport, 2-hour early arrival, 40 minutes to get out of the plane and to your destination. To be more realistic it would take about 4.6 hours in travel time.

What if you could take that drive for a price lower than the bus and as convenient as Uber?  You can! Haydash solved this problem with their long distance ridesharing website.  Haydash is the first company that makes sure all members are vetted by going through a complete criminal background check and motor vehicle report. We understand the dangers of the “open-market” rideshare economy.

At the end of the day, you don’t really know who you’re dealing with on the other side of your computer screen. That’s the reason why Haydash is your first line of defense to deter those people whose intentions are less than noble.

Protection is the key when it comes to sharing your private space with a complete stranger especially if you’re looking to be with that person for longer travel distance and period of time.

Putting your safety first when ridesharing

When talking about short or long distance ridesharing it’s important to talk about safety. No matter how many stars an Uber driver has or how long you stalked someone’s social media account before finalizing a long distance trip, they are still strangers.

We put our trust in Uber drivers because they are employed by a company that we know runs background checks and we assume they have some requirements and vehicle inspections to ensure the riders safety, right? As an Uber driver myself from 2015-2018 I have only had one vehicle inspection.

In 2015 I started out with a 2005 Ford Five Hundred with over 200,000 miles. To get started I hopped online and completed the required background check and uploaded the required documents (vehicle registration, driver’s license, and insurance card). My account was approved a few days later with no instructions or “get started” guide. I was ready to take rides.

They did not verify my identity by comparing my face to my driver’s license or do any vehicle inspection. In 2016, after driving for a year, I was sent an email stating that a vehicle inspection will be required.

To my surprise, it was to be completed virtually through a video chat! The gentleman on the other line had me face my camera to the car and do a few tests which included a walk around the car for damage, blinker test, and putting a penny between the thread of my tires.

What type of background checks does Uber run?

Fast-forward to 2018, since then I haven’t been asked to complete another background check since my start date or new vehicle inspection. Uber’s website says, “Periodically, we re-run background checks for current driver partners.” I was very curious to find out over my 3 years of being a driver how “periodically” they run a check? So, I contacted Uber and to my surprise, they did! In fact, they run a check every year since my start date.

Earning and saving extra money using long distance rideshare

Since members set their own price per seat, the earning potential could be great depending on your trip. The days of splitting the cost of gas when sharing your ride are over. Traditionally, if you take a ride with someone it’s a known rule that you will split the cost. Is that really enough?

If you’re doing all the driving; putting the wear and tear on your car; then why are they paying the same price as you when you’re providing a service?

Why not get compensated for offering a clean, safe, and door to door service. Is that much different than an Uber driver?

Let’s take a closer look at the Tampa to Atlanta trip. As the driver, it will cost approximately $66 round trip (with a fuel-efficient car).

If you could find 3 other passengers to come along for the journey you could charge…

Passenger 1$22
Passenger 2$22
Passenger 3$22
Driver pays$0  FREE
Total Cost=$66

This means you get to pocket $66 dollars, therefore, your trip is free! Plus, the rider is still getting a great deal since it’s cheaper than any other form of transportation and they get to relax the entire trip. It’s a win-win for both parties.

Do you have a trip coming up? Search for rider or driver heading your way on    Get Started

Earn Money

Don't pay full price for gas on your next trip. Set your desired price for seats and start earning money.

Save Money

Travel cheaper and faster then a bus.Whether you need smoke free, pet friendly, or multiple seats we have you covered.

Concerned about safety?

All riders and drivers are pre-screened with background checks for your peace of mind.

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