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Haydash Blog - Why Run a Background Check on Your Roommate?

Why Run a Background Check on Your Roommate?

You’ve come across a potential roommate and excited about the idea of saving hundreds of dollars a month. Possibly make a new friend even. Stop. Get your head out of the fairy tale fog and find out who your future roomie really is. The application looks legit, too perfect to say the least. You may choose to use your inner detective skills to try to know them better by asking Siri or Alexa since everybody’s information is available on the web. Not to mention social media allows you to see so much more than a glimpse of their lives. So why bother with a background check when you can DIY it for free, right?

Simple: Better safe than sorry – there’s no better way to justify why it’s worth every penny to run a background check on someone who will rent your place or become your roommate. You wouldn’t want to make an important decision armed with only your gut feeling or your sixth sense. Uttering the words “I have a good feeling about this person” or “They don’t look crazy” after seeing their Instagram story should ever be good enough to hand over your keys.


Fight the urge to skip the process of running a criminal background check on your next roommate just because your bills are long overdue or you’re eager to start saving for your ski trip in Aspen. Well, we think you should know the importance of it before you hop on that ski lift.

  • For your protection.
  • Safeguard your property.
  • To verify an applicant’s information.
  • A better pool of applicants.

Regardless if you’re using credit, reference, drug screening, social security number, education or employment application verification, motor vehicle record check for a preliminary screening method when renting your room or place, we hope that conducting a criminal background check be one of them, as well. We can’t stress enough the importance of it, especially in this digital age. Haydash’s founder believes in the necessity and the benefit of it that’s why Haydash runs a background check on all of its members. As a roommate and a landlord herself, she acknowledged that having a peace of mind when dealing with a total stranger over the internet should be a standard and that safety should not be taken lightly.


Choosing what service you need can be a bit confusing and overwhelming. Each website offers its own tiers of service. They can run the most basic to more comprehensive criminal searches. Our advice, in this case, is to try to assess what’s really important for you to know to save time, money and effort. But never settle for anything less than you deserve. Here’s a rough idea of what information may include in these services:

Basic Background Check

  • Social Security Trace – verify someone’s identity. This search not only confirms their name but also returns any additional names, aliases, and address. The trace will validate the year and state in which the Social Security Administration issued the number which could be useful in uncovering potentially fraudulent social security numbers.
  • Sex Offender Registry – most jurisdictions require any individual convicted of a sexually related crime to register with the county he/she resides in. Some website can assist in searching an applicant against these databases to ensure the individual is not a convicted sex offender.
  • Terrorist Watch List – checks multiple databases for names and alias of anyone known to be, or reasonably suspected of being, involved in terrorism or assisting terrorist.
  • National Sex Offender – checks to ensure the individual is not a convicted sex offender. Most jurisdictions require any individual convicted of a sexually related crime to register with the county he/she resides in.
  • National Criminal – check comprised records obtained from the state Department of Corrections and the Administrative Office of the Courts.

Comprehensive Background Check

Usually include searches mentioned in the basic background check plus:

  • Federal level – checks to see if a person was tried by the United States government in a U.S. District Court.
  • State Level – checks upper- and lower-level county courthouse records across the entire state.
  • Country Level – checks county courthouse records across the county.

Whether you decide to go with a basic or comprehensive criminal background check to make sure you carefully read through the company’s website until you can identify exactly what they’re searching.


The National Criminal Database is a “third party” database which comprises records obtained from the state Department of Corrections and the Administrative Office of the Courts. These database systems are dependent upon getting their data from the individual state and county jurisdictions.  A lot of individual states and counties do not update their data to the national system on a regular basis and some do not do it all. That’s why this type of search just isn’t enough. Coverage details are available at

You also have to know that criminal record searches generally go back as far as 7 to 10 years in certain states. Therefore, the criminal background check result you obtain may be limited depending on what state you live in. Just be aware that you might not capture all of the criminal offenses a person have past a certain period of time. Nonetheless, any information you can get about your future roommate is better than nothing.


Conducting a criminal background check for your personal purposes can get expensive. The cost of a background check varies depending on how much is being investigated. Just look at the price breakdown below.

  • SSN verification and sex offender- $10 per name/alias
  • County court criminal background check- $0-$35 per county
  • Statewide criminal background check- $10-$67 per state
  • Most national background checks usually cost $25-$45


Haydash recognized the steep cost of these services can affect people’s decision to forgo the idea of screening someone and take their chances. That’s why the cost of our memberships already included a background check that will not break your wallet. Haydash’s third-party verifier not only searches over hundreds of databases, but they perform county level and state level searches. With States charging fees up to $65.00 per state. Not including counties charging fees up to $35.00 per county. And then, motor vehicle reports up to $27.50. It can get very costly and that’s not including the cost of the other checks that we perform.  Another company would probably charge you between $60-$100 easily just for the searches. Haydash will not only save you money but also give you peace of mind.

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